Taiki Kanso

Taiki Kanso – the legacy of zen

Taiki Kanso is one of the zen concepts alongside fukinsei (asymmetry), seijaku (silence), shizen (naturalness), koko (austerity), datsuzoku (freedom from worldly attachments), yugen (subtle profundity), danshari (decluttering) and wabi-sabi (beauty in imperfection) and modern forest bathing shinrin yoku.

Taiki Kanso or Taikiken Natural Tuning, is a contemporary form of Shizen Chousei, allowing nature to do its job, Ki, Kiko. Ki, kiko, is to achieve equilibrium within so that it can be achieved without and brings about harmony and serenity - a state of enlightenment. 
To master ki is to master kiko and reach the level of “furen shuten,” where our bodies and mind become symbiotic with ki to the highest level possible in life. 
This is the point in which a master of kiko, ki, and martial arts controls ki instinctually and naturally.
Taikiken founder Kenichi Sawai called this concept “spontaneous waza”

It should be stated that kiko and Taikiken Natural Tuning are an efforts to reestablish our human condition where the qualities, perceptions, sensitivities and other mental/physical faculties are returned from being lost due to the course of civilization’s development in the industrial and now internet ages. 
It is a method by which kiko gives us access to the primitive instincts/qualities that we need in survival and interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

Forest baths are gentle exercises that support well-being through sensory immersion in forests

Taikiken Yuri, feeling the strength of nature

Shorin-yoku means “Forest Bathing”

Forest baths in Taikiken Natural Tuning are gentle exercises that support well-being through sensory immersion in forests and other naturally healing environments to develop a mental and physical state called Yuggen. 
Yuggen is “An awareness of the universe that triggers such an emotional response that it is too deep for words.
Taiki Kanso or Taikiken Natural Tuning, is a contemporary Japanese aesthetic energy concept, which has similar aims to feng shui.
Taiki Kanso means natural simplicity and minimalism – in every possible way.

The ultimate minimalism

If you’re not into minimalism, Taiki kanso is not for you.
This Japanese aesthetic concept is all about getting rid of all non-essential activities and stuff has a great appeal to all perfectionists.
The less, the better kanso.
Rooted in Zen philosophy, kanso suggests choosing a minimalist lifestyle and modest artwork to achieve calm and peaceful environments.


A minimalist lifestyle philosophy is also a reminder of the impermanent nature of things, Kanso is all about free energy flow

Similar to feng shui, kanso is concerned with unobstructed energy or chi flow, less obstruction is more (energy).

Taikiken Natural Tuning workshops - Czech republic 2022
Summer week, 
31 July - 6 August 

Workshop location: Hotel Zamecek, Hrensko, Czech Republic.
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