TheFeel seminars

One day seminars Natural Tuning Ibiza residents

One day Ibiza Natural Tuning seminars:

Unique seminars for visiters and residents, how to use the abundant natural life force of Ibiza in your advantage! Learn to distinguish what gives energy and what demands energy.
Asking and giving attention, places, people, food and products!

Something you always felt, but never dare to admit!
Refresh your life with an energetic smile!

Dates 2020:

Time: 10:00 hour to 17:00 hour. 
€ 75,-p.p. p.d. inclusive lunch and drinks.
Location:, Ibiza, Spain

more info about the training on request!

Ibiza ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness seminars

Allow yourself to be the original inborn you!
Each expertly executed renovation begins with breaking down and cleaning up. This is also valid for a physical, mental and spiritual overhaul through Body Orientated Mindfulness. 

During the ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness seminars, you learn to break down the acquired emotional walls that keep you from being your original self. 

ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness seminars Ibiza, focus on Cleaning & Closing up your old self and welcome back your inborn Self with an energetic smile! During the TheFeel seminars, you get handles and practical exercises to clean up your past to restore your inborn self, to take your natural space in society and personal relationships.

Being original is the most precious gift you can give yourself and your love ones!

"If you clear the blockades Qi flows naturally!" Wang Xiangzhai

Zenmax Body Orientated Mindfulness focuses on cleaning your body memory and balancing your nervous system! 

During our ZenmaX seminars, we explore and explain what blockades are, and how they energetically can be neutralized!

Blockages explained: think of energetic memories traces of things and situations that have occurred during your lifetime and have nestled themselves deep within.

Energetic blockages can have a physical, emotional and spiritual background; they even can be transferred from generations to generation! 

It may be that essential life skills and qualities are not innate and that your natural flow is limited or disturbed by their absence.

Proven elements ZenmaX Body Orientated Mindfulness are:

    * Internal Martial Arts

    * Taoist qigong exercises

    * Real life spiritual games

    * Kination (Eugine Gendlin), "Imagination and the perceived perception."

    * Selfness, Autobiographic Self, Core Self and Protoself

We organize one or two days Zenmax seminars on Ibiza this Spring!

If you’re interested please contact us

A warrior is always looking for strength, negative emotions and memories stored within through body mapping may weaken your strength and immune system.

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