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Longevity (Becoming healthy, happy and fit and how to remain it)

Longevity is the American understanding of healthy and active aging. It is a branch of preventive health care, which focuses on keeping someone as long as possible fit and healthy through lifestyle and nutritional advice.
How we behave and how and what we eat and,  determines to a large extent our health. Even though there is a genetic predisposition, even then there is often needed a factor that ensures that a particular disease is reflected.
All seems that the term longevity especially is about "long living". However, the attention is focused on a better quality of life and less on quantity.

ZenmaX longevity, the alchemist life style, that teaches how you to add quality years to your lifespan. It’s not just about adding extra years to your life, but improving the health and quality of the years still to go. Living a ZenmaX alchemist life style means that you collect the right ingredients for healthy living, food, exercise, work, relaxation, philosophy, environment, etc., and melt them into the golden elixir of longevity! However longevity is not easy to master, especially not in a modern world where we put commerce before health and happiness! 

Be your own Guru, the right choice is worth thinking, start to act like an urban Warrior, always looking for strength that reflects him! Longevity is not just what you do good for your self, but it is really to think twice about what you do bad to your self, with damage on the long term! We call it prudent avoidance, what you don’t damage in the beginning, you don’t have to fix in the end!  Bad habits and addictions are mostly planted as innocent small seeds, but grow into full-grown life force consuming monsters with the years! Prudent avoidance of bad habits an addictions is one of the pillars of longevity! 

Longevity is an implicit life style, when you are born a health conscious family in a natural environment, you made a good start by giving you the right feel to live, which you can pass on to the next generation. If you are one of the millions born in an artificial and commerce driven society, you have to develop a basis for longevity by your self or join a tribe of health and happiness orientated people and share knowledge skills. In general, countries and cities which are most mutated and polluted, offer the greatest variety of health-stores, health centers, spiritual initiatives , etc., again, own choice is worth thinking is essential, be your own guru, find the in right gradients that suit your own situation and physically, mentally and spiritually. Become an urban longevity warrior, get rid of what keeps you from being healthy and in harmony with what is by nature!   

ZenmaX Longevity offers you practical tools and the awareness to work at physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness simultaneously!
The aim in ZenmaX longevity alchemism is to adjust your personal rhythm of life, with the rhythm of the forces of nature so you become in resonance and indistinguishable from them to share their energizing strength and harmony, which are above the cycle of ordinary human life and death in modern society. You become “pure living spirit” driven by the universe. 

The practitioners of alchemist longevity become a kind of sages because they are able to cultivate himself throughout a long existence; their longevity in itself is the proof of his or her mastership and his union with what is by nature. Eternally he or she has a healthy, flourishing appearance and inside he or she contains an ever-flowing source of energy that manifests itself in radiance and in a powerful, beneficial influence on his or her surroundings, which is the charismatic efficacy of the Universe. 

Zenmax longevity alchemism, is the basis of all Natural Tuning retreats and workshops and seminars and also available to you by Skype consult. ZenmaX longevity is not just an awareness about your personal physical, mental and spiritual self, it also involves awareness of the modern environment you are an inseparable apart of!
ZenmaX longevity is also applicable on your products and business ventures, if you can bring your products and services in resonance with what is by nature, it will have a positive effect on the environmental footprint of your company!

Once upon a time, a wayfarer came across ten old men; Over a hundred years of age, all of them were vigorous all the more; With earnesty and sincerity, he hastened forward for the key to their venerable age.

The first, twisting his beard, said: ‘ I neither drink nor smoke.’

The second, smiling, replied: ‘ I take a hike after meats.’

The third, nodding, answered: ‘ I have a vegetarian diet.’

The fourth, a stick in hand, said: ‘ I have all along walked instead of riding.’

The fifth, straightening his sleeves, said: ‘ I myself, have always taken part in physical labor.’

The sixth, carrying a posture of yin-yang regulation, said: ‘ I practice shadow boxing every day.’

The seventh, rubbing his big nose, said: ‘ I always leave windows open to let in fresh air.’

The eighth, stroking his short beard, said: ‘ I retire early and rise early.’

The ninth, caressing his red cheeks, said: ‘ I resort to sun bath to cause the skin sun burns.’

The tenth, raising his eyebrows, said: ‘I always keep myself from worries.’

Excellent are the statements by the ten old men which explains the secrets one by one. If you obey them with sincerity, you will surely enjoy longevity.

Extended information about our sources of longevity training and Chinese philosophy you find on www.martrix.org. For the latest trends about sustainability and the madness of modern society look at our www.professionalnobodies.net site.

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