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Natural Tuning self defense-workshops Ibiza

TheFeel, offers natural tuning workshops to develop your Physical, Mental and Spiritual defensibility! Learn how to stand for yourself in your private life and your professional environment!

ZenmaX edu
ZenmaX edu is a training module especially for youngsters aged 10 to 16 years, it focuses on empowerment en self-confidence through martial arts and natural tuning.

Are your kids in for a challenge to learn the principles of various martial arts. Kicks, punches, defenses, throws, break falls secret tricks and relaxing meditation; they are all part of the TeenmaX program.
Kids learn to overcome their personal limits, to show their natural boundaries and how to protect them if necessary. "Stand up for Yourself," for who you are and what you are proud off. And be honest: what is more fun than martial arts training and growing stronger with a group of girls and boys from their own age?
Novelty! Starting from 2015 TheFeel will organize TeenmaX® “ standup for Yourself" summer camps for youngsters from residents and visitors of Ibiza. For schools and youth organizations, TheFeel offers made to measure workshops Contact Form

ZenmaX gold
ZenmaX gold is a natural tuning training module designed for the golden generation to become more natural involved in society. With GoldmaX® you increase inner strength and boost up your self-confidence to manifest selfness in your actions. Important ingredients of the program are internal martial arts, self-defense techniques, coordination and balance, endurance and strength training. The GoldmaX® sessions will learn you to deal with situations of anxiety, uncertainty, and aggression. You learn practical techniques from a variety of martial art forms, with emphasis on taking your natural space, putting boundaries and defending boundaries. 

GoldmaX® natural tuning has positive effects body, mind and spirit. You eliminate uncertainty and develop new social skills, supporting and safe group environment.

The training teaches you to:

• to recognize unsafe situations and deal with them in a safe and responsible way.

• to look at people’s behavior and reflexes in tensed situations.

For the healthcare and social organizations, Vital Skills offers special GoldmaX® made to measure workshops 
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Womax is a self-defense and natural tuning training specially designed for women. You learn to deal with uncertain situations, threat and fear, and to communicate and protect your personal boundaries. The motto is not "Can you fight?" But "Do you dare to stand up for yourself?" The training makes you physically and mentally more resilient. WomaX shares valuable lessons of life that build up your confidence in conflict situations. It already gives you confidence to work with a group of women on such an exciting and serious topic.

The training ensures that you're going to take your natural space without fear. You will feel stronger and more seen.
WomaX learns you to:

•  Recognize your physical, social and emotional boundaries

•  Identify the different stages of a conflict

• Defend yourself by using de-escalating techniques
For organizations and schools, TheFeel offers customized Womax®   workshops.
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