TheFeel Property Shrink Ibiza - PSI

PSI is part of TheFeel’s holistic vitality program, internal and external equilibrium as a basis for health! 

TheFeel's holistic vitality program, internal and external equilibrium as a basis for health!

Ever sensed that the energetic feel of your exclusive home or business property on Ibiza isn’t quite reflecting your idea of the vibrant and inspiring ambiance you have in mind? 

You may find yourself busy renovating, restyling or redecorating, but are still unable to give your property the ambiance and feel you want? Time to call in the Property Shrink, to analyze the 'state of mind and body' of your private or business property!                                 

Property Shrink Ibiza, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Why a Property Shrink?

Sometimes previous owners or residents of your property have left for traumatic reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret or other negative emotions. Leaving their ‘absorbed memories’ negative energy behind when they physically moved on. Or perhaps your property has ‘absorbed’ emotional turmoil from your own life such as a divorce, grievous arguments, sickness or death of a loved one. 

Whatever the reason, clearing emotional memories from your property frees you from the discomfort and misery of current or former residents.
The Property Shrink offers a unique form of contemporary Feng Shui,  called Natural Tuning, by neutralizing the energetic noise of the property, the Qi (natural vitality for longevity) can restore itself and flow freely again.            

Of course, there are plenty of sources producing adverse noise like:

Weak building materials, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program

Building materials, the use of toxic or energetically weak materials are often a source of feeling uncomfortable or weakening your immune system. There is an old saying: “First let an enemy life in the new house for ten years, then a friend for five years, after that it is save for you to move in.Of course you can avoid all this by choosing environmental toxic free construction materials, and build the house with the families health and happiness in mind and not just the look and the price.

Glass windows, asking and giving Ibiza, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Glass windows have an unknown and peculiar property, they either reflect your body radiation or let it pass through creating a subtle draft. During a visit 25 years ago to the North China research center for infrared and laser in Beijing, they tested my theory that some windows reflect more body infrared then others even they are optical the same. The used their thermovision cameras to test this and the result was positive  Some windows showed up colder or warmer, at the same room temperature  All single glass, same thickness and same old, the engineers who also did a lot of research on qigong masters explained that windows have a polarity either reflecting your body infrared radiation or let it through. Adjusting the feel of the windows is part of the Property Shrink …

Electronic appliances, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program

Parasitic electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices, WiFi, cellular telephones, computers, lighting systems, etc. Nowadays we have so many sources of electromagnetic radiation in our homes and at our workplace that we are under constant attack by invisible forces, asking a lot of attention from your immune system. 

Famous dark art, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program

Art, photo's, paintings and statues represent the state of mind and the power of imagination of the artist! Art can be positive and healing, but art also can be negative and tiring, absorbing your precious life force like a black hole. So choose art like you would choose your partner, feel what it does with you, does the feel of the art object strengthen you or do you get lost in it! Of course taste is very personal, and some people need a negative feel of something to boost their own negativity to feel better! Everything depends on your personality, and your polarity, you are reflected in what you radiate, the law of attraction. 

Mineral Quarts asking attention, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Minerals, fossils, meteorites, and crystals are popular as a form of spiritual decoration, with the idea of neutralizing negative energy and healing. If you are not an expert, you have a fifty/fifty chance the result is the opposite, they absorb your precious life force. Minerals, fossils, Meteorites, and crystals are like the spices in food, they should be used with care and always in the right amount  and combination like in alchemism. There is a lot of ancient and contemporary knowledge about the subject, become your own Guru, research what suits you and your family most to have around in your living environment.

Property shrink ibiza , gardens, TheFeel’s holistic vitality program.

Gardens, fully grown natural gardens are a treasure and a fountain of life for any property. But commercial plants and even trees are more or less decoration products, looking good, but with of no energetic value. So it can happen that you are the most natural source of life in a beautiful garden, leaking energy into it instead of getting energized by it. 

The Property Shrink service uses contemporary Feng Shui a kind of Biometeorology, to adjust the energetic climate of your luxury homes, commercial real estate, disco clubs, restaurants, shops, offices, etc.

After clearing the property from electromagnetic noise and blockages, we use our Natural Tuning skills to give the natural flow of energy a chance restore itself. 
The Property Shrink service offers:

Translating the feel and purpose you have in mind for your luxury home or business property! We design an action plan to optimize your buildings, gardens, and persons (option) living and working on the property. Clearing unwanted, energies from you’re living or working space and reconnect the natural flow of energy to all corners of your property.Result: you’re living and working environment will be energetically adjusted, and the natural flow enhanced!
Enhance your home or your workplace by creating a balanced space, bringing nature more abundant into where you live and work.
Start in a new home with the purest and most natural energy you can have, providing for a reflecting “homey” ambiance. It’s always a good idea to energetically clean up your home before bringing in a newborn or sensitive little children into the house!
Having difficulties selling your property or want to increase the value? Property tuning will improve the feel and people’s reactions to your space definitely!
Indications of the need to cleanse and tune the property.The atmosphere in the living or working places feel uneasy or even unpleasant? 
This feel is often an accumulation of disturbing energies. 
These attention asking energies will accumulate in a variety of ways since we are perpetually creating external energies with our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, etc. 
So there are plenty of situations that might ask for an energetic house tuning for your residence from time to time. 

Realizing that your physical actions, as well as your thoughts and emotions, affect your living and working environment, is the first awareness towards taking responsibility for what we energetically create around us.

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